MSA Executive 2020-2021

We strive for representation and balance across sites, disciplines, and gender. Members of the MSA executive are elected annually from amongst eligible active MSA membership.
Ross C.jpg

Dr. Cathy Ross

MSA President

Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre (elected 2019)

Dath D.jpg

Dr. Deepak Dath

MSA Vice President

General Surgery & Hepatobiliary Surgery, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre (elected 2019)

van helder t.png

Dr. Thomas Van Helder

MSA Secretary/Treasurer

Anesthesia. Hamilton General Hospital (elected 2019)

Bain J 2.jpg

Dr. James Bain

MSA Member-at-large

Pediatric Surgery - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, McMaster University Medical Centre


Dr. Peter Darby

MSA Member-at-large

Anaesthesia, Hamilton General Hospital (elected 2019)

Freitag A.jpg

Dr. Andreas Freitag

MSA Member-at-large

Medicine-Division of Respirology/Critical Care. McMaster University Medical Care

halder s.jpg

Dr. Smita Halder

Chair of MAC

Gastroenterology, McMaster University Medical Centre

Hunt D.jpg

Dr. Dereck Hunt

MSA Past President

Internal Medicine, Juravinski Hospital (elected 2017 to 2019)


Dr. John Mernagh

MSA Member-at-large

Diagnostic Imaging, McMaster University Medical Centre


Dr. Paul Miller

Ad Hoc Member

Emergency Medicine, Hamilton General Hospital


Dr. Paul Missiuna

MSA Member-at-large

Pediatric Surgery - Orthopedic Surgery, McMaster Children's Hospital


Dr. Theodore Rapanos

MSA Member-at-large

Vascular Surgery, Hamilton General Hospital

Chris Ricci 1.png

Dr. Chris Ricci

MSA Member-at-large

Anaesthesia, Hamilton General Hospital


Dr. Bill Ristevski

MSA Member-at-large

Orthopedic Surgery, Hamilton General Hospital


Dr. Jennifer Rycroft

MSA Member-at-large

Family Medicine, West Lincoln Memorial Hospital


Dr. Sunjay Sharma

MSA Member-at-large


_Katherine Zukotynski_jpg.jpeg

Dr. Katherine Zukotynski

MSA Member-at-large

Medicine and Radiology

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