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All eligible Medical Staff are automatically granted membership to the MSA, for the duration of their Medical Staff status at HHS.

The MSA represents and advocates on behalf of the medical staff at all Hamilton Health Sciences sites. Our objectives are:

  • to ensure excellence in patient care at HHS 

  • to create an environment of trust for the Medical Staff 

  • to support the best interests and advocate for the Medical staff 

  • to foster leadership development to ensure the Medical Staff can play an effective role in HHS governance, decision-making, and planning




The MSA represents and advocates for the interests of the Medical Staff and for the patients we serve, with the leadership of HHS, and provides communication between HHS leadership and the MSA membership.


The MSA is responsible for holding quarterly meetings of the general membership to address and share information on issues relevant to the MSA membership.

Nurse Talking to Patient
Doctor in Hospital Corridor


The MSA provides support, advice, and advocacy for members of the Medical Staff who are experiencing difficulties in the workplace, ensuring that due process is followed so that issues can be resolved in a confidential and effective manner.


The MSA strives to create a collegial, collaborative, and trusting work environment for its members across all HHS sites.

Doctors Analyzing File
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