Each year the HHS Medical Staff Association (MSA) in conjunction with the Winter MSA General Business Meeting accepts entries in a wide variety of categories, including oils, watercolor, photographs, pastels, etching, pen and ink, video, sculpture, poetry and more. The artists are learners and faculty from diverse health professional backgrounds at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS). 

We are pleased to bring to you Virtual MSA Art Show for the sixteenth year, and display talents of our colleagues on an online gallery below. Make sure you click on LOAD MORE to see all the submissions. This year we have received over 30 art pieces from 10 different artists.

Michael Bonert, Anatomical Pathologist at SJHH and HHS

Monique Chiam, Medical Laboratory Technologist at Platelet Immunology Lab - McMaster University

Patricia Gagic, Office of Dr. Ned Gagic/ Hamilton Vein Clinic

Diana Krasulja, Administrative Assistant to Anita Lamond, Director of Corporate Services at HHS

Raymond Lo, Neurologist at HGH

Margaret Nowaczyk, Pediatrician and Clinical Geneticist at MUMC

Meenatchi Ranganathan, Pediatrician at MUMC
Michael Stacey, EVP. Academic & CME at HHS

Daniela Troiani, Executive Assistant to Kristen Krull, VP & CNE at HHS

Melanie Wong, Medical Student, c2023

Thank you to all artists who submitted their art work this year!

Any questions, please see Terms and Conditions or email msa@hhsc.ca