Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) is proud to be a learning environment for healthcare leaders at the outset of their career. Thank you to each and every resident for your outstanding contributions and commitment to patients over the last year, particularly in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While an in-person event could not be held again this year to celebrate the recipients of the Medical Staff Association (MSA) awards, we would like to extend a special thanks and congratulations to the recipients of this year’s MSA outstanding resident awards.

Read the Special Edition MSA Minute from C. Ross Here

Dr. Cameron Nishi, Anesthesia

Dr. Mallory Granholm, Diagnostic Imaging

Dr. Tara Stratton, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Sarah Alghamdi, Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Claire Bodkin, Family Medicine

Dr. Tammy Ryan, Medicine

Dr. Valerie Bloomfield, OB-GYN

Dr. Jonathan Peng, Oncology

Dr. Alexander Freibauer, Pediatrics

Dr. Ronelle Calver, PM&R

Dr. Colin Ngan, Psychiatry (city wide)

Dr. Sepideh Mohajeri, Surgery



Nominations are NOW CLOSED. 

The MSA Executive would like to thank you and your staff for all you are doing to help keep healthcare running and to help ensure that learners are safe and making the best of every learning opportunity during the ongoing challenges they are facing. Your dedication, innovation and selflessness is obvious and inspiring. 

COVID19 modifications means we have cancelled our meetings and events, along with the opportunity to celebrate in-person the achievements of our staff and learners again this year. However, we feel that it is especially important to acknowledge and reward those residents who have shone brightly over the year. These deserving individuals could use such a bright spot in these trying times.

SELECTION PROCESS: The selection process for each department is based on a collaboration of the Department Chief, Chair and Program Director. Based on this collaboration, we ask that you meet to review and discuss which candidate you will put forward for the award this year. 

We recognize it is always a difficult choice to select one Resident per department with so many incredible potential recipients; however, we are limiting it to 12 again this year. 

We will present the awards and find ways to celebrate their achievements, while respecting the physical distancing we need to maintain. We do need you to send us the name of these individuals by Friday, April 30, 2021 along with your completed nomination for with a nomination letter and the recipient contact information. We will again make the effort to design a process of celebration so that they and others will know how proud the HHS staff is of their achievements.

**Please refer to the attached for additional details. 

Below is a list of the departments represented.

Diagnostic Imaging 
Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine
Lab Medicine
Physical Medicine and Rehab
Psychiatry (city wide) 



Dr. Dillon Horth, Anesthesia
Dr. Natasha Larocque, Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. Farah Jazuli, Emergency Medicine
Dr. Edwin Ho, Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Katie Mattina, Family Medicine
Dr. Kenji (Richard) Onizuka, Medicine
Dr. Jay Tigdi, OB-GYN
Dr. Michela Febbraro, Oncology
Dr. Hannah Geddie, Pediatrics
Dr. Jamie Fleet, PM&R
Dr. Madeleine Wootton, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Dr. Ali Alsagheir, Surgery

As new medical residents launch their new career, a group of 12 current residents celebrate a big achievement. The Medical Staff Association (MSA) announced their 2020 winners of the Outstanding Resident Awards. The awards recognize one individual from each department at HHS who demonstrate excellence in patient care. Each department establishes its own criteria to select a winner.

“It’s an absolute honour to recognize these 12 strong individuals who exemplify the very best about being a resident at HHS,” says Dr. Catherine Ross, President, MSA. “Each one of them is a leader and will continue to provide excellent patient care for many years. The MSA is proud of this outstanding group and wish them well in their chosen careers.

Due to COVID-19, the awards ceremony has been moved to November.

You can see a collage of their acceptance videos Here