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The HHS Medical Staff Association is looking for members who can serve on one of several committees.  

They are looking for members who are eager to lead, to serve the medical staff at HHS and to achieve results.  These positions are voluntary.  Terms, if necessary, will be a maximum of 2 years.  Members will be given a letter of appreciation that outlines their position, time served and accomplishments every year, copied to their chief, head of service and academic head.  

Members are encouraged to consider how their work on this committee contributes to their College Maintenance of Competence requirements and log the appropriate hours.

We ask that you submit your name to


Chair: D. Hunt

1.To develop a mission, vision and values statement for the MSA
2.To review the Professional Staff By-Law and the MSA constitution and consider the need for changes.
3.To prepare a 1-page summary for onboarding physicians describing the content of the Professional Staff By-Law and the MSA Constitution


Chair: A. Ahmed

1. Onboarding: Improve the physician onboarding and orientation process at HHS in collaboration with medical affairs and incorporate introduction to MSA to facilitate active physician engagement in the organization. 
2. Mentorship: Create a MSA mentorship program for younger faculty to help develop careers and mentorship across departments.
3. Academic Recognition: Formalize recognition for physician contribution in MSA and liaise and help develop academic recognition as part of tenure and promotion for hospital based work. 


Chair: C. Ross

1. Provide educational opportunities (speakers at business meetings, town halls etc) when appropriate and timely and/or at the request of the MSA executive that are of interest to the medical staff.
2. Create awareness of educational offerings from organizations that may be of general interest to our members (examples RCPSC, CPSO and OMA often have education, webinars and conferences that have overarching educational value to the medical staff.)
3. Request input from medical staff on the direction of educational offerings to ensure alignment with the interests of the medical staff.


Chair: S. Sharma

1.    Introduce the concept of EDI and basic components to the medical staff leadership (education)
2.    Create framework within MSA that adheres to EDI related principles
3.    Identify areas where concerns exist regarding EDI related issues and provide guidance on appropriate mechanisms to address them
4.    Align medical staff with principles set out through EDI committees corporately and at the university
5.    Foster a culture of EDI within the medical staff


Co-Chairs: D. Dath and K. Zukotynski

1.   Develop and maintain connections and channels of communication with key members of the hospital exec that underlies a trusting relationship:
a.    Board chair
b.    CEO
c.    EVP
d.    COO
e.    Odyssey sponsor
f.    Others that arise

2. Develop a regular blog that brings current issues to MDs in a way that they might appreciate, weekly or bi-weekly –for us by us
3. Maintain transparency in any communication that we receive and broadcast as well as in communication that we originate


To help and plan meetings and events that provide engaging content that are informative and relevant to the HHS physicians.

Chair: B. Ristevski


To review the awards and possibly revise the descriptions of each award nomination criteria.

Chair: T. van Helder

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