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2023 MSA Years of Service Recognition

Please join the MSA Executive in honouring our Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) physicians for their dedicated service and commitment to this organization, and to our patients and families. Let’s celebrate their achievements as we are proud to be colleagues of these amazingly committed foundational members of our MSA community.

50 Years of Service

Dr. Irwin Walker (Medicine)

45 Years of Service

Dr. Clive Davis (Surgery)

Dr. Judah Denburg (Medicine)

Dr. Allen Greenspoon (Family Medicine)

Dr. Robert M. Issenman (Pediatrics)

40 Years of Service

Dr. John Chong (Family Medicine)

Dr. Stuart Connolly (Medicine)

Dr. Gordon Guyatt (Medicine)

Dr. David Harvey (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Dr. Raymond Lo (Medicine)

Dr. Bosco Paes (Pediatrics)

Dr. Serhij (Serge) Puksa (Medicine)

Dr. George Stallwood (Medicine)

35 Years of Service

Dr. Drew Bednar (Surgery)

Dr. Craig Coblentz (Diagnostic Imaging)

Dr. Anne Holbrook (Medicine)

Dr. Lino Lagrotteria (Family Medicine)

Dr. Himanshu Lukka (Oncology)

Dr. William Mahoney (Pediatrics)

Dr. Bruno Salena (Medicine)

Dr. John Turnbull (Medicine)

Dr. John Van Der Meulen (Pediatrics)

Dr. Brian Yemen (Diagnostic Imaging)

30 Years of Service

Dr. James Bain (Pediatric Surgery)

Dr. Laura Blew (Family Medicine)

Dr. Helene Boutin (Family Medicine)

Dr. Meghan Davis (Family Medicine)

Dr. Stephen Foley (Oncology)

Dr. Catherine Hayward (Laboratory Medicine)

Dr. Lawrence Lesiuk (Anesthesia)

Dr. Anne Niec (Pediatrics)

Dr. Harold Reiter (Oncology)

Dr. Cathy Risdon (Family Medicine)

Dr. Stephen Sagar (Oncology)

Dr. Jonathan Walton (Pediatric Surgery)

Dr. Irma Webb (Family Medicine)

25 Years of Service

Dr. Steven Cusimano (Family Medicine, Complex Continuing and Post-Acute Care)

Dr. Luming Feng (Family Medicine)

Dr. Karen Finlay (Diagnostic Imaging)

Dr. Chrisostomos Kouroukis (Oncology)

Dr. Henry Lim (Family Medicine, Complex Continuing and Post-Acute Care)

Dr. Robert Lloyd (Pediatrics)

Dr. Maureen Meade (Critical Care)

Dr. Brandon Meaney (Pediatrics)

Dr. Jason Ohayon (Pediatrics)

Dr. Maureen O'Malley (Medicine)

Dr. Catherine Ross (Laboratory Medicine)

Dr. Barbara Strang (Oncology)

Dr. Hanna Tuszynska (Anesthesia)

Dr. Mitchell Winemaker (Surgery)

Dr. David Yanover (Family Medicine, Complex Continuing and Post-Acute Care)

Join us in congratulating the 2023 MSA Years of Service physicians on their achievements.

If your name is missing from the list please let MSA office know as soon as possible at

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