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Epic - here faster than you think. Necessary for your practice

Dear Colleagues,

Epic will be here in about 60 days. That may seem far, but it's not.

Each of us has to do online modules, and then in-class training, and then a User customization lab. They take time. Start now. You're already busy. COVID is still around. It's not going to be easier later.

One thing I have learned: you can't cram Epic.

It takes time to get used to it. Some unlucky MDs at other hospitals have waited to learned their Epic work on the fly after go live -- but they have had the anxiety of doing so while trying to use it for real patients in their real practices. They told us we all need to take the training seriously. The more you know about Epic before you start, the better. Get used to the screens and how the layout of the screen helps with workflow. Know how to go between them. Know what the icons are for and when to use them. Learn how to dictate smoothly.

But most of all, know your practice right now. You do so much without thinking about it. You rely on systems that are invisible to you. But you will need to know how to translate your work into Epic.

I am sure that as you think about this, you are generating questions. So we have set up an answer night. Join by zoom this Wednesday, March 30th at 6 pm (see your email for details). Come ask the people who are making this happen for you. All concerns are welcome.

Remember, you can't cram Epic. And this is not a test. Epic is for real.

See you there.


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