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Epic will be here in a month. Do you feel ready?

Dear colleagues.

Epic will be here in a month. Do you feel ready?

Change makes us all uneasy, and stuff's gonna get tough with this new tool. But I keep thinking of all the organizations that have undergone the transformation to Epic successfully. We are HHS. We will achieve this transformation successfully too.

There's this thing called agency... the capacity to act on your own behalf that doctors feel is part of their professional right. You have agency with this change. What power do you have on the individual level? The first is to access and consume the training you need to be good at using Epic. The second thing is to look at your current practice and see how the Epic you are learning will help you to do your work or how it will help you to improve on what you are doing now.

Agency involves checking over the order set that you will use and tweaking it for your practice, saving a new version as a preference. It means you can sit with your staff and assistants to look at how patients will flow through your clinic and how each of you will interact with Epic to make that flow smooth. Perhaps you will practice a "day in the life of you" so that you feel comfortable on Monday June 6th.

On a larger scale, it may be time to speak with your colleagues about who will be on the front lines when Epic launches. We have already scaled back so that high volume services will have the time to adapt and ensure safety. If you are not in that clinic or lab or ER the first weeks, what are you doing to back up your colleagues and your services? How is your service learning on the fly and adapting and how will you make sure that as you resume full service, that you and your teams are prepared?

This is the time to have conversations. It is time to do some mental simulations and to try out some of your workflows in the Epic playground. You have agency. You've got this! Enjoy all the he "aaah, I see" feelings that you will have on your learning journey to using Epic.

Learn more about what you need to know to thrive in Epic at Medical Grand Rounds on Thursday, May 12 at 8 a.m. Register today. See details below.

Medical Grand Rounds
Download PDF • 361KB

D. Dath - MSA President

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