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HHS residents recognized

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

As new medical residents launch their new career, a group of 12 current residents celebrate a big achievement. The Medical Staff Association (MSA) announced their 2020 winners of the Outstanding Resident Awards. The awards recognize one individual from each department at HHS who demonstrate excellence in patient care. Each department establishes its own criteria to select a winner.

“It’s an absolute honour to recognize these 12 strong individuals who exemplify the very best about being a resident at HHS,” says Dr. Catherine Ross, President, MSA. “Each one of them is a leader and will continue to provide excellent patient care for many years. The MSA is proud of this outstanding group and wish them well in their chosen careers.

Due to COVID-19, the awards ceremony has been moved to November.

The 12 recipients are:

Dr. Dillon Horth, Anesthesia

Dr. Natasha Larocque, Diagnostic Imaging

Dr. Farah Jazuli, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Edwin Ho, Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Katie Mattina, Family Medicine

Dr. Kenji (Richard) Onizuka, Medicine

Dr. Jay Tigdi, OB-GYN

Dr. Michela Febbraro, Oncology

Dr. Hannah Geddie, Pediatrics

Dr. Jamie Fleet, PM&R

Dr. Madeleine Wootton, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. Ali Alsagheir, Surgery

You can see a collage of their acceptance videos below:


HHS Mobile App (downloadable to your phone):

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