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Highlights from the MSA Fall GBM 2021

Thank you for taking time out of your evening to join us. Our agenda was filled. We are grateful that Rob MacIsaac, Sharon Pierson, and Dr. Michael Stacey spent some time to present a brief state-of-the-Union address, give us a peek forward, and to answer questions. They re-affirmed their desire and commitment to work with physicians on projects as we move forward. We also outlined the re-defined MSA roles, expanding what we can do and how more of us can participate in maintain and improving the institution where we work and care for our patients. We heard a high-level update on Odyssey’s status -- it’s clearly time to start preparing for this massive and welcome change.

Dr. Ally Prebtani presented work on global health and showed how you can participate from your own living room. You can use the work you have already done to share with others globally. Please ensure you check out his amazing work.

For those who were unable to attend, the link for the recording is included below. It is also posted on the MSA website.

Key takeaways are:

1. Physician Awards Nominations are OPEN now!

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to hear from physicians about their work, their passions and the trajectories to which they aspire. We do not want to lose this opportunity!

There are six MSA Physician Awards:

• The Dr. Clive Davis Award – HGH

• The Dr. Dan Dwyer Award – JHCC

• The Dr. Jeffrey Coates Award – MUMC

• The West Lincoln Colleagues’ Award – WLMH

• Family Medicine Award

• Community Action Award

The criteria for each and nomination forms are posted on our website for easier access: or can be found here: see attached Portfolio for all Physician awards.pdf

Portfolio of all Physicians awards
Download PDF • 1.34MB


Nominations will be accepted until Friday, January 7, 2022 at 4:00 pm. Please submit nomination forms to

2. MSA Charitable Donations:

We are accepting nominations for your favourite community organization! More information about the criteria and Nomination Form can be found here: or here: see attached MSA Charitable Donation 2022.pdf

2021 11 MSA Charitable Donation 2022
Download PDF • 224KB


Nominations will be accepted until Friday, January 7, 2022 at 4:00 pm. Please submit nomination forms to

Any questions or concerns can be directed to

Thank you,

Deepak Dath

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