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Highlights from the MSA Winter GBM 2022 & Art Show

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Dear MSA members:

Thank you all who attended last night’s MSA Winter General Business Meeting & Art Show. View it:-

Congratulations to the Award winners:

Charitable Donations ($5000)

  • The Julie Patel Foundation, nominated by Dr. Ameen Patel

  • The Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton, nominated by Dr. Ellen L. Lipman

Consultants, Family Medicine and Community Action Awards

  • Dan Dwyer Award – Dr. Clare Reade

  • Clive Davis Award – Dr. Sharon Grad

  • Geoffrey Coates Award – Dr. Tracey Bruce

  • West Lincoln Colleagues’ Award – Dr. Denise Marshall

  • Family Medicine Award – Dr. Kimberley Bender

  • Community Action Award – Dr. Dale Guenter

Long Service awards

Short video of the 50- and 45-year recipients can be seen on the MSA website.

50 Years of Service

Dr. Saroj Saigal (Pediatrics)

45 Years of Service

Dr. Paul Gregor (Surgery) Dr. Howard McIsaac (Pediatric Surgery)

Dr. Richard Seeley (Complex Care, Aging & Palliative Care)

35 Years of Service

Dr. David Buckley (Anesthesia)

Dr. Jean Clinton (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)

Dr. Jennifer Everson (Family Medicine)

Dr. Hertzel Gerstein (Medicine)

Dr. Ali Ghouse (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Dr. Lind Holland (Family Medicine)

Dr. Michael Marcaccio (Surgery)

Dr. Michael Mazurek (Medicine)

Dr. Wieslaw Oczkowski (Medicine)

Dr. Richard Tytus (Family Medicine)

Dr. Anthony Whitton (Oncology)

Dr. Valerie Yakemchuk (Nuclear Medicine)

30 Years of Service

Dr. Arianna Dal Cin (Surgery)

Dr. Peter Fitzgerald (Pediatric Surgery)

Dr. Eva Lonn (Medicine)

Dr. Harriet MacMillan (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)

Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou (Medicine)

Dr. Domenic Rosati (Family Medicine)

Dr. Richard Skala (Anesthesia)

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky (Pediatrics)

Dr. Jacques Tittley (Surgery)

Dr. Helga Witt-Sullivan (Medicine)

Dr. Salim Yusuf (Medicine)

25 Years of Service

Dr. Anthony Chan (Pediatrics)

Dr. Terrence Creatchman (Family Medicine)

Dr. Catherine Demers (Medicine)

Dr. Sharon Grad (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Dr. Mark Loeb (Laboratory Medicine)

Dr. John Marshall (Medicine)

Dr. Shamir Mehta (Medicine)

Dr. Naresh Murty (Surgery)

Dr. Wesley Nash (Family Medicine)

Dr. Margaret Nowaczyk (Pediatrics)

Dr. John Provias (Laboratory Medicine)

Dr. Richard Scott (Family Medicine)

Dr. Rachelle Sender (Family Medicine)

Dr. Ved Tandan (Surgery)

Dr. Richard Tozer (Oncology)

Dr. Judy Wismer (Medicine)

Dr. Kwong Wai Wong (Oncology)

Dr. Sophia Xenoyannis (Family Medicine)

Thank you to all the Artists who submitted beautiful pieces! To view their artwork, please visit

  • Michael Bonert, Anatomical Pathologist at SJHH and HHS

  • Monique Chiam, Medical Laboratory Tech, Platelet Immunology Lab - MUMC

  • Patricia Gagic, Office of Dr. Ned Gagic/ Hamilton Vein Clinic

  • Diana Krasulja, Administrative Assistant to Anita Lamond,

  • Raymond Lo, Neurologist at HGH

  • Margaret Nowaczyk, Pediatrician and Clinical Geneticist at MUMC

  • Meenatchi Ranganathan, Pediatrician at MUMC

  • Michael Stacey, EVP. Academic & CME at HHS

  • Daniela Troiani, Executive Assistant to Kristen Krull, VP & CNE at HHS

  • Melanie Wong, Medical Student, 2023

Eight reflections on the meeting last night:

1) Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all who serve, who give of themselves to help their patients, their colleagues, their institution and their community

2) Congratulations to the award winners whose compassion, dedication, hard work, commitment, achievements and skills have marked them as exemplary among exemplary colleagues.

3) As we tackle hard problems, it’s clear that we each, and collectively, have to listen, to process what is happening around us, and to become active in the function of our institution, if we are to make the gains necessary to improve the care of our patients.

4) Be proud! HHS is where we work. It is where we do great things, where we influence the world, and were we leave our mark. Be proud, and then go make a difference.

5) Thank the people you work with. There are about 15000 people working at HHS. The MSA comprises about 1200 (about 1/12). It takes all of us to run this place. We are often the ones being thanked by the media, and for helping our patients. Pass that on. For every thanks you deserve, there are 11 others you can thank too. Use the e-card

6) Be safe. Not just by paying attention to your safety and your patients’ safety around COVID, but for all the other infections and problems that can occur. You are valuable. You are important. You deserve to be safe.

7) See you in person soon. Please, COVID!. Thanks, Zoom. Couldn’t have done it without you, but we want physical presence back.

8) I am proud to work with you. You are part of the core of what we do at HHS. With each of us, all of us achieve.

Should you have any questions or concerns please email

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