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January 2021 Awards Nomination - MSA Colleague Awards and Donation Recipient Nominations

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

The Medical Staff Association Annual Winter Dinner and Art Show would have

been celebrated in January. This year, please join the MSA Executive in honouring

our physicians for their dedicated service and commitment to this organization, and

to our patients and families. While we cannot be there in person to celebrate their

achievements, we are proud to be colleagues of these amazingly committed

foundational members of our MSA community

Years of Service Awards:

If your name is not on the list and it should be, please let us know as soon as

possible at

Awards Nominations


Over the years, we have had the opportunity to hear from physicians about their

work, their passions and the trajectories to which they aspire. We do not want to

lose this opportunity. This year is ‘a little’ different with the challenges of COVID-19

Consultants and Family Medicine Awards

Consultants Awards:

Please nominate a colleague for the MSA consultant’s award. The ideal candidate

should have been in practice about 10 or more years—mid career (This is not a

lifetime achievement award for someone who is pre-retirement).

Think about a colleague with the following characteristics:

1) A good clinician – good diagnostic and skills and able to handle difficult


2) A good doctor to patients – goes above and beyond for the patient.

3) Good at the art and the science – can use evidence and apply it well to

individual patients.

4) Supports other physicians – is available when on duty, trustworthy, reliable,

always willing to help

5) Teaches you something – when you consult or collaborate, you learn

something from this individual

6) Leads or participates in hospital initiatives to improve care for patient


Please submit your nominations for 4 (four) site awards:

1. The Dr. Clive Davis Award – Hamilton General Hospital

2. The Dr. Dan Dwyer Award – Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Clinic

3. The Dr. Jeffrey Coates Award – McMaster University Medical Centre

4. The West Lincoln Colleagues’ Award – West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Family Medicine Award:

Do you know a family physician who exemplifies excellence in care and who

strengthens the relationship between community practice and the hospital?

Community Action Award:

We have a New Physician Award. The “Community Action Award”. This

exciting new award will celebrate and bring to light some of the work that many

physicians at HHS do to reach outside the walls and boundaries of HHS into the

surrounding community. Physicians nominated for this award would typically act to

help vulnerable, marginalized, underserviced or racialized members of the

community. The recipient would be someone with a track record of such service to

the community.

MSA Charitable Donations:

We are accepting nomination letters for your favourite community organization!

Do you have a favorite community organization serving the Hamilton area? Do they

have a health centered approach? Would they benefit from a $5,000 donation? If

so, nominate them now!


Nominations will be accepted until Friday, January 8, 2021 at 4:00 pm. Please

submit nomination letters to

Any questions or concerns can be directed to

MSA Minute Volume 1 Issue 9 December 2020
Download PDF • 533KB

MSA Minute Volume 1 Issue 10 December 2020
Download PDF • 549KB

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