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Medical Staff Association Years of Service Recognition 2022

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

The Medical Staff Association (MSA) Annual Winter Awards Meeting is coming up on January 20, 2022. While we cannot be there in person, please join the MSA Executive in honouring our Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) physicians for their dedicated service and commitment to this organization, and to our patients and families. Let’s celebrate their achievements as we are proud to be colleagues of these amazingly committed foundational members of our MSA community.

If your name is missing from the list please let MSA office know as soon as possible at

50 Years of Service

Dr. Saroj Saigal (Pediatrics)

45 Years of Service

Dr. Paul Gregor (Surgery) Dr. Howard McIsaac (Pediatric Surgery)

Dr. Richard Seeley (Complex Care, Aging & Palliative Care)

35 Years of Service

Dr. David Buckley (Anesthesia)

Dr. Jean Clinton (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)

Dr. Jennifer Everson (Family Medicine)

Dr. Hertzel Gerstein (Medicine)

Dr. Ali Ghouse (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Dr. Lind Holland (Family Medicine)

Dr. Michael Marcaccio (Surgery)

Dr. Michael Mazurek (Medicine)

Dr. Wieslaw Oczkowski (Medicine)

Dr. Richard Tytus (Family Medicine)

Dr. Anthony Whitton (Oncology)

Dr. Valerie Yakemchuk (Nuclear Medicine)

30 Years of Service

Dr. Arianna Dal Cin (Surgery)

Dr. Peter Fitzgerald (Pediatric Surgery)

Dr. Eva Lonn (Medicine)

Dr. Harriet MacMillan (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)

Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou (Medicine)

Dr. Domenic Rosati (Family Medicine)

Dr. Richard Skala (Anesthesia)

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky (Pediatrics)

Dr. Jacques Tittley (Surgery)

Dr. Helga Witt-Sullivan (Medicine)

Dr. Salim Yusuf (Medicine)

25 Years of Service

Dr. Anthony Chan (Pediatrics)

Dr. Terrence Creatchman (Family Medicine)

Dr. Catherine Demers (Medicine)

Dr. Sharon Grad (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Dr. Mark Loeb (Laboratory Medicine)

Dr. John Marshall (Medicine)

Dr. Shamir Mehta (Medicine)

Dr. Naresh Murty (Surgery)

Dr. Wesley Nash (Family Medicine)

Dr. Margaret Nowaczyk (Pediatrics)

Dr. John Provias (Laboratory Medicine)

Dr. Richard Scott (Family Medicine)

Dr. Rachelle Sender (Family Medicine)

Dr. Ved Tandan (Surgery)

Dr. Richard Tozer (Oncology)

Dr. Judy Wismer (Medicine)

Dr. Kwong Wai Wong (Oncology)

Dr. Sophia Xenoyannis (Family Medicine)

Join us in congratulating the 2022 MSA Years of Service physicians on their achievements!

This list will be shown on HHS Hub and MSA Blog/website and Twitter

FRIENDLY REMINDER: MSA Charitable Donations and Consultant Awards Nominations

Our Annual MSA Charitable Donations and Consultant Awards are now OPEN!

We are accepting nominations for your favourite community organization! More information about the criteria and Nomination Form can be found HERE or

2021 11 MSA Charitable Donation 2022
Download PDF • 224KB

The criteria for each of the consultant awards and nomination forms are posted HERE


Portfolio of all Physicians awards
Download PDF • 1.34MB

DEADLINE - Nominations will be accepted until Friday, January 7, 2022 at 4 p.m.

Please submit nomination forms to

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ewelina Grisafi at

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