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MSA Outstanding Resident Awards

Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) is proud to be a learning environment for healthcare leaders at the outset of their career. Thank you to each and every resident for your outstanding contributions and commitment to patients over the last year, particularly in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While an in-person event could not be held again this year to celebrate the recipients of the Medical Staff Association (MSA) awards, we would like to extend a special thanks and congratulations to the recipients of this year’s MSA outstanding resident awards.

Outstanding Resident, Anesthesia – Dr. Cameron Nishi

Dr. Cameron Nishi was nominated to receive the Outstanding Resident Award for Anesthesia in recognition of his excellent clinical and non-clinical contributions to the department. In particular, according to his colleagues, Dr. Nishi is “excellent with patients and staff” and has “an innate sense of what anesthesia is and how it should be used to help people”.

Dr. Nishi has an undergraduate degree in Life Sciences from Queen’s University and completed medical school at McMaster’s Waterloo Regional Campus. Upon finishing his Anesthesiology residency, he will join St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and McMaster’s Department of Anesthesia as a Clinical Scholar and Staff Anesthesiologist. His interests include perioperative ultrasound, regional anesthesia, and medical education. Congratulations, Dr. Nishi!

Dr. Nishi was nominated by Dr. Christopher Ricci and Dr. James Paul.

Outstanding Resident, Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology – Dr. Mallory Granholm

Dr. Mallory Granholm was selected to receive the Outstanding Resident Award for Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology in recognition of her passion for resident education. In addition to being promoted by her peers and faculty to the position of chief resident for the 2019-20 academic year, Dr. Granholm established herself as a leader in radiology education by undertaking a range of initiatives to continuously improve resident education, lecturing on departmental half days and clinical grand rounds, and mentoring medical elective students.

Dr. Granholm is a final-year resident in Diagnostic Radiology. Following a fellowship in Cardiothoracics at the University of Toronto, she has secured a full-time position in her hometown of Thunder Bay as a general radiologist with an emphasis on cardiothoracic radiology. Congratulations, Dr. Granholm!

Dr. Granholm was nominated by Dr. Karen Finlay, Dr. Julian Dobranowski and Dr. David Landry.

Outstanding Resident, Emergency Medicine – Dr. Tara Stratton

Dr. Tara Stratton is the 2021 recipient of the Outstanding Resident Award for Emergency Medicine. In addition to providing excellent clinical care to patients, Dr. Stratton was instrumental in helping the Emergency Department during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizing teaching rounds and simulation sessions, and serving as a valuable conduit between program and hospital leadership and the resident group as one of the department’s chief residents.

Dr. Stratton is a Post-Graduate Year 4 (PGY4) resident in Emergency Medicine with an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering. Dr. Stratton is interested in health systems and policy, and to that end is concurrently completing a Master’s in Health Administration degree alongside her medical residency. She hopes to one day be able to positively influence the way different pieces of the healthcare system connect, integrate and support patients in their healthcare interactions. Congratulations, Dr. Stratton!

Dr. Tara Stratton was nominated by Dr. Kuldeep Sidhu, Dr. Michelle Welsford and Dr. Alim Pardhan.

Outstanding Resident, Family Medicine – Dr. Claire Bodkin

Dr. Claire Bodkin is this year’s Outstanding Resident in Family Medicine, and was selected in recognition of her leadership as chief resident, as well as her allyship to and advocacy on behalf of local racialized, Two-Spirit and LGBTQIA+, homeless and other marginalized communities.

Dr. Bodkin is a PGY2 in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University and a co-organizer with the Hamilton Social Medicine Response Team (HAMSMaRT). She has learned and continues to learn an immense amount about medicine, justice, and relationships from her preceptors, colleagues, students, patients, and the broader Hamilton community, and hopes to build a clinical and research practice that reflects and contributes to building a more just world. Dr. Bodkin is excited to join the Inpatient Addictions Medicine Service in Hamilton after finishing her core residency, and is simultaneously pursuing a PGY3 in research and scholarship with the McMaster Department of Family Medicine. Congratulations, Dr. Bodkin!

Dr. Bodkin was nominated by Dr. Tamar Packer, Dr. David Price, Dr. Cathy Risdon, Dr. Sarah Kinzie and Dr. Heather Waters.

Outstanding Resident, Lab Medicine – Dr. Sarah Alghamdi

Dr. Sarah Alghamdi is the recipient of this year’s Outstanding Resident award for Laboratory Medicine in recognition of her outstanding academic performance, professionalism and leadership as chief resident. A strong advocate for the Pathology program, Dr. Alghamdi demonstrates excellent teaching skills and leadership qualities in day-to-day practice by guiding and helping her peers. As chief resident, she introduced initiatives to support residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Alghamdi is a PGY3 and chief resident in the Anatomical Pathology program. She is very grateful for her experience working within the department of Laboratory Medicine/Anatomical Pathology division at McMaster University, where new ideas are heard and nurtured. Dr. Alghamdi wishes to thank Dr. Popovich and Gina Furlong for their help and guidance over the last three years; the pathologists, pathology assistants, laboratory technologists and secretaries for all their hard work during the pandemic to provide a safe and pleasant learning environment for all residents; and the MSA Executive for this award.

Dr. Alghamdi was nominated by Dr. Snezana Popovich.

Outstanding Resident, Medicine – Dr. Tammy Ryan

Dr. Tammy Ryan was selected as this year’s Outstanding Resident in Medicine because she is an outstanding clinician and scholar who consistently provides excellent patient care while simultaneously contributing to science research. Dr. Ryan has an excellent work ethic, and as chief resident at Hamilton General Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic provided outstanding leadership and support to her fellow residents. She is an exemplary ambassador for HHS’ values.

Dr. Ryan is a PGY3 resident in Internal Medicine at McMaster. Prior to pursuing medicine at the University of Toronto, she completed a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Ottawa with a focus on stem cell differentiation. She is passionate about the heart and will be starting a Cardiology fellowship at McMaster in July. She hopes to pursue a career as a clinician scientist, with a focus on using stem cells to model cardiovascular disease. Dr. Ryan’s special interests include quality improvement in the care of patients with substance use disorders and decision-making around end of life care. Congratulations, Dr. Ryan!

Dr. Ryan was nominated by Dr. Khalid Azzam, Dr. Mark Crowther and Dr. Lori Whitehead.

Outstanding Resident, Obstetrics and Gynecology – Dr. Valerie Bloomfield

Dr. Valerie Bloomfield is this year’s Outstanding Resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology in recognition of her academic excellence. In addition to giving presentations and publishing scholarly work related to the Obstetrics and Gynecology program, Dr. Bloomfield contributed significantly to the department’s in situ simulation program, and helped develop a departmental approach to enhance recovery after surgery. Dr. Bloomfield is also a gifted surgeon and teacher to junior learners. Congratulations, Dr. Bloomfield!

Dr. Bloomfield was nominated by Dr. Byron DeFrance, Dr. Jon Barrett and Dr. Michelle Morais.

Outstanding Resident, Oncology – Dr. Jonathan Peng

Dr. Jonathan Peng is this year’s Outstanding Resident Award for Oncology in recognition of his outstanding clinical acumen, technical skill, and commitment to patient-centred and compassionate clinical care. Dr. Peng is highly respected and trusted by staff and colleagues from Oncology and other disciplines, and is a leader and role model to his fellow residents. He also completed and published several scholarly projects during training, winning a prize at the Oncology Research Day.

It was lecture in medical school that initially piqued Dr. Peng’s interest in radiation oncology. Since then, Dr. Peng is grateful to have been able to witness and take part in many advances in cancer care, and considers it an absolute privilege to care for cancer patients and their families. Dr. Peng is grateful to his family, co-residents, faculty and the staff in the Department of Oncology and the Juravinski Cancer Centre for their support throughout his residency. He looks forward to furthering his education at the Odette Cancer Centre, where he has accepted a Fellowship, and one day being part of a multidisciplinary cancer care team providing the best treatment and support to oncology patients. Congratulations, Dr. Peng!

Dr. Peng was nominated by Dr. Richard Tozer, Dr. Jonathan Sussman and Dr. Barbara Strang.

Outstanding Resident, Pediatrics – Dr. Alexander Freibauer

Dr. Alexander Freibauer is this year’s Outstanding Resident in Pediatrics. Dr. Freibauer is a committed learner and teacher with a sincere interest in neurology. He consistently makes time to formally and informally share his knowledge with McMaster medical students and fellow residents, with many reporting that Dr. Freibauer makes learning fun. Dr. Freibauer is also known for being well-liked by patients, families, colleagues, nursing staff and allied health alike, often going above and beyond the call of duty to provide care.

Prior to attending McMaster University for Medical School, Dr. Freibauer graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience. Dr. Freibauer is currently a third year Pediatric Neurology resident and his research interests include investigating the mechanisms of the ketogenic diet and imaging innovations in epilepsy surgery work-up. He hopes to pursue an Epilepsy Fellowship, practice in an academic centre and pursue further research. Congratulations, Dr. Freibauer!

Dr. Freibauer was nominated by Dr. Angelo Mikrogianakis, Dr. Ereny Bassilious and Dr. David Callen.

Outstanding Resident, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Dr. Ronelle Calver

Dr. Ronelle Calver is the recipient of the 2021 Outstanding Resident award for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in recognition of her academic excellence, leadership, passion for patient safety, and contributions to innovation and improvement within the department. As the co-chief resident, Dr. Calver supported her fellow residents throughout the pandemic and advocated for resident issues at department meetings. She is highly respected by her peers, personally and professionally, and admired for her ability to genuinely connect with everyone she meets.

Originally from Saskatchewan, where she completed medical school in 2017, Dr. Calver’s interests include stroke rehabilitation, acquired brain injury and electrodiagnostics. Congratulations, Dr. Calver!

Dr. Calver was nominated by Dr. Nora Cullen and Dr. Simran Basi.

Outstanding Resident, Psychiatry (City-wide) – Dr. Colin Ngan

This year’s Outstanding Resident for Psychiatry, Dr. Colin Ngan, was nominated in recognition of his professionalism in the face of tremendous stressors throughout the pandemic, as well as his enthusiasm, excellent clinical judgment, advanced knowledge base and strong initiative. Dr. Ngan has a natural ability to connect meaningfully with patients and families, and is very patient-centred, collaborative and professional.

Dr. Ngan completed his BHSc and MD at McMaster University and is currently in his fourth year of the Psychiatry residency program. He is interested in leadership, teaching, and child and adolescent psychiatry and has accepted a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship at McMaster University. Congratulations, Dr. Ngan!

Dr. Ngan was nominated by Dr. Ellen Lipman, Dr. Nick Kates, Dr. Joanne Corey and Dr. Laura Rosato,

Outstanding Resident, Surgery – Dr. Sepideh Mohajeri

This year’s Outstanding Resident in Surgery, Dr. Sepideh Mohajeri, has distinguished herself as a compassionate and caring clinician, a leader and mentor to junior leaders, and a scholar. In addition to actively contributing to enhancing the learning environment of her program, Dr. Mohajeri served as president of the Surgical Foundations Resident Representative Group in 2019-20, and as McMaster’s resident representative to the Canadian Society of Otolaryngology Undergraduate Medical Education Working Group since 2018. She is also involved in a number of ongoing research projects, including a multi-institutional pediatric thyroidectomy education project, and mentors junior residents and medical students in their research endeavours.

Dr. Mohajeri is currently finishing her third year of residency in Otolaryngology – head and neck surgery. She feels privileged to serve patients in such a diverse and rewarding surgical subspecialty, treating pathology that influences patients’ ability to hear, speak, breathe and swallow. From endoscopic sinus surgery to microscopic ear surgery and open head and neck cancer surgery, the breadth of training makes each day a new and challenging learning experience. Dr. Mohajeri looks forward to pursuing an academic pediatric otolaryngology practice with a focus on advancing and furthering medical education. She is grateful to her mentors in OTO-HNS for their guidance and support, and strives to do the same for future generations of learners. Congratulations, Dr. Mohajeri!

Dr. Mohajeri was nominated by Dr. Stephen Kelly, Dr. Han Zhang, Dr. Katherine Wilson, Dr. Bhandari and Dr. Petrisor.

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