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MSA Physician Awards

This past year at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) has been full of change as we responded to the pandemic. While the impacts were different across each team and service, none were left untouched. Thank you to all physicians and residents for your outstanding contributions and your commitment to patients.

While an in-person event could not be held again this year to celebrate the recipients of the Medical Staff Association (MSA) awards, we would like to extend a special thanks and congratulations to the recipients of this year’s MSA physician awards.

President’s Award Recipient: Dr. Dominik Mertz, infectious diseases specialist

The President’s Award is presented to a physician involved in distinguished clinical activities. In addition to being a role model for learners, they demonstrate distinction in aspects of administration, contribute to MSA activities and are an ambassador for HHS.

Dr. Dominik Mertz was nominated by past MSA President Dr. Catherine Ross for his significant contributions to the Infection Prevention and Control department throughout the pandemic.

“In addition to the undoubtedly huge impact on his daily work, Dr. Mertz’s calming presence at meetings and at town halls was critically important in helping us not only to understand and navigate the epidemiology, but also to alleviate anxiety around the unknowns,” says Ross.

Congratulations, Dr. Mertz!

Humanitarian Award Recipient: Dr. Sandra Seigel, pediatrician

The Humanitarian Award is presented to a physician whose volunteer medical services extend beyond the hospital walls.

Dr. Sandra Seigel was nominated by the Division of General Pediatrics at McMaster Children’s Hospital for championing the needs of children and families by “quietly and conscientiously” volunteering regionally, nationally, and internationally.

“Dr. Seigel is selfless, compassionate and devoted to caring for others without judgment,” her colleagues wrote. “It is evident that Sandi is a true humanitarian. She has a strong sense of commitment and devotion to volunteering to advocate on behalf of vulnerable populations, her patients, colleagues, allied professionals and the institutions for which she has served.”

Congratulations, Dr. Seigel!

Dr. Stephen Garnett Award Recipient: Dr. David Armstrong, gastroenterologist

The Dr. Stephen Garnett Award is presented to a physician who demonstrates excellence in clinical activities, who is a role model for learners, who shows distinction in aspects of administration, contributes to MSA activities, contributes to HHS’ mission and is an ambassador for the organization.

Dr. David Armstrong was nominated by John K. Marshall, Professor of Medicine and Director, Division of Gastroenterology at McMaster University, for his many contributions to HHS, his patients and his colleagues around the world.

“Dr. Armstrong has worked tirelessly to enhance HHS, to advance science and to help patients since his arrival in Hamilton in 1992,” says Marshall. “His delightful humour and deflecting modesty mean that his contributions often go without recognition. I cannot think of a more deserving recipient.”

Congratulations, Dr. Armstrong!

Join us in congratulating the 2021 Outstanding Resident Award recipients.

Stay tuned for the Margaret Charters Bursary Award recipient announcement! This award recognizes a distinguished nursing leader for their passion, strong clinical reasoning and problem-solving, commitment to Continuous Quality Improvement, and patient and family-centred approach to care. The recipient will be announced later this month.

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