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Physician MSA Town Hall Apr 22, 2021 & ESoC and CCTP - Awareness and Preparation:

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

MSA Members, attached is an Important COVID-19 Update forwarded on behalf of Drs. Stacey, Azzam and Kelly.

Emergency Standard of Care (ESoC) and Critical Care Triage Protocol (CCTP) - Awareness and Preparation:

HNHBB ESOC Package for Hospitals Physicians
Download PDF • 2.72MB

Physician_memo_ESoC_FINAL April 21 2021
Download PDF • 180KB

Last evening was the Physician Town Hall. If you were unable to join, the link to the recording is -

In addition, Dr. A. Fox-Robichaud presented at the Town Hall and is sharing with you a link to an informative video - Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention – Sensitive Professional Practice Approaches. The link to the video is:

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