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The Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Program
The Special Thanks And Recognition program offers a way for people across HHS, to easily and genuinely recognize one another for exceptional work and living out our core values. The program is designed so that each area, whether at a department level or program level, can use the easy-to-use tools to encourage and promote a culture of timely and genuine recognition. The program works based on two components: (1) STAR E-card and the (2) STAR Board.


The STAR E-Card is an electronic Thank you card that can be sent to a peer, colleague or leader for recognition of their outstanding efforts and commitment to HHS values. The E-Card is a quick and easy way to recognize your team and colleagues by using an online format; allowing you to send praise and thanks directly to the individual you wish to recognize.


  1. Select one of the e-card templates here (paste and copy the link into Citrix) to send to a colleague.

  2. Click​ on the link above the image of your choosing to save an Outlook email template.​

  3. Click "Keep" in the pop-up box to start your download.

  4. Once download is complete, click on the file to open the Ou​​tlook email template.

  5. Add a recipient in the "To" field.

  6. Add a thoughtful message to your recipient below the image.

  7. Press "Send"​


Note that all e-cards can be accessed by HHS HUB only.

Below are images/e-cards that you can choose from:


Thank you cards with a note are so meaningful!

Providing a timely, specific and sincere Thank You following a behaviour worthy of recognition improves your relationship with your staff and drives employee engagement.

  • Clearly address who you are thanking.

  • Clearly express your gratitude with the words "thank you".

  • Describe the specific behaviour you wish to recognize.

  • Link the thank you to a corporate value or strategic initiative to help connect what is done daily to the success of the organization.

  • Send separate cards to thank your staff as a whole AND individually.

  • A thank you can be for a staff member who goes above and beyond or who is steadfast and reliable - not every moment appears monumental, but every moment has an impact.


The STAR Board encourages our people to recognize one another on a daily basis. The STAR Board provides a space for staff, physicians, and even patients to post shout out notes and to recognize peers for the exceptional work they do daily.

What you need (instructions to order materials are listed below):

  • A corkboard in a visible area (for non-CQI units)

  • STAR banner to post on the corkboard

  • If your program is CQI-unit consider repurposing the Celebrations header on the Huddle board with a customized STAR banner

  • STAR shout out templates *To print and make available in your unit area

  • Pens & push pins

Example Behaviours to Recognize:

  • Performing a task more effectively, which improved care within the unit

  • Improving the quality of work-life on the unit and/or in the hospital

  • Inspiring someone you precept or mentor

  • Contributing to a healthy and/or positive work environment

  • Providing an exceptional patient experience or customer service

  • Going above and beyond expected duties

  • Going above beyond to model values of respect, caring, accountability or innovation

How best to use the STAR Program & Offer Recognition

  • Encourage your team to recognize each other!

  • Give recognition to your team, peers, colleagues in a timely manner

  • Select a STAR Champion (and alternate STAR Champion) to keep the STAR board updated

  • Share STAR shout out comments from the STAR board at team meetings/huddles 

Interested to see more and have questions? Contact us today.

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