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A discussion about vaccination at HHS

Dear Members of the MSA:

The MSA committee held a special meeting last night to discuss vaccination.

We were guided by the one-question survey you filled last month.

The MSA Executive Committee will publicize the following statement:


The MSA executive committee UNANIMOUSLY supports COVID-19 vaccination of all those working at HHS.

We will continue to monitor the hospital’s process, work with them to help make our hospital safe, and participate in the process. Doubtlessly, the MSA members, as respected professionals in our institution, will be called upon to help the institution develop the most helpful and constructive way to make sure our patients have the safest environment for their care and have confidence in the integrity of healthcare delivery.

Please see corresponding

in regards to this statement. Members can reach out

to the MSA exec at MSA@HHSC.CA to express their views, to discuss this position or to seek

assistance as they need.

Thank you,

HHS MSA Executive Committee

MSA amandatory vaccination-final
Download PDF • 130KB

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