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Deadline to test out of Epic training is Friday, Feb. 4

Physicians who have been approved to test out of Epic training have until the end of the day on Friday, Feb. 4 to challenge the end user proficiency assessment (EUPA).

You must pass the EUPA with a grade of 80% or higher on your first attempt. If you are unsuccessful, or if you miss the Feb. 4 deadline, you will be registered for eLearning and in-class training.

How to test out:

  • Navigate to the LMS website: – the LMS is available outside of Citrix and you must use Google Chrome

  • Use your usual credentials to log into the LMS – for physicians, this may be your McMaster, Medportal or other email address

  • Complete the EUPA by Feb. 4

  • If you have technical issues, please email

A reminder that you were required to let your chief know by Jan. 7 if you wanted to test out. If you missed this deadline, or if you work in an area that is not eligible to test out, you will be registered by your department for the full training program.

More information about Epic training for physicians, including how to access your eLearning, is available here .

For questions related to training, please email

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