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Do I really need to spend half my life in a classroom learning Epic?

Yep, this is a question I have heard many times. When you are busy and looking for what you can give up, a day of Epic training looks like the thing to ditch. But please don’t do this. Here’s why.

Transitions are always hard. You need a good base of training so using Epic for your practice won’t be difficult on June 4th. In your sessions, you will get to practice. You can make mistakes without repercussions. And if you like, you will be able to practice later in Epic’s “playground” so that you feel confident. In June, you will be caring for real patients using Epic. That’s not the time to try to figure out how to use the tool to care for patients.

There is good evidence from previous implementations that training is the absolute best thing to keep you from grinding your teeth when we change to Epic. See you in class.

Deepak Dath, MD MEd FRCSC FACS

Professor of Surgery, McMaster University

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