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If you want your voice to count, tell us what you think

Physicians require autonomy. As professionals, they collect information, make judgments and act beyond simple algorithms. They care, they take personal responsibility, and they advocate for change.

So, physicians require a voice. They need to be able to participate in the systems in which they work. And for that to be useful, they need to know that the institution where they work is listening to their voice and acting on it.

HHS has a process in place for physicians to use their voice. The institution has committed to listen and has redoubled efforts to do so. You can find a list of changes that have been made in the past:

My Voice Matters Infosheet 2022
Download PDF • 68KB

The My Voice Matters survey will be yearly instead of every two years, and HHS will share your feedback with the MSA (anonymously, of course) so that we can help monitor how our voices are bringing about change.

We have the opportunity to improve the place where we work for our patients, our colleagues and ourselves. I find that positive. As a doctor working at HHS, I want to make a difference in the life of each patient, but also to make a difference in how our hospital is making that difference. Join me in responding to the survey. Lend your voice. Then keep an eye open to see what is happening. Let’s make our voices matter, together.

Deepak Dath, MSA President


My Voice Matters (MVM) survey – key points:

1. Survey is open until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 24.

2. Physicians, residents and fellows practicing/training at HHS are encouraged to complete the survey

3. The survey was emailed to physicians’ preferred email address by the survey vendor, Talent Map

- Check your spam folder or email if you need the link to be re-sent

4. Survey responses help shape action plans

a) See attached infographic and YouTube videos for details on initiatives impacted by responses to the last MVM survey in 2020

- Dr. Smita Halder – equity, diversity and inclusion

- Aaron Levo – communications and information

- Marita Tonkin – recognition

- Natalie Plausini – well-being

5. Everyone who completes the survey will be eligible to win individual and/or team prizes

-Individuals can win an iPad, a set of AirPods, or $25 Everything Cards

-Teams can win HHSVA catering, Everything Cards or On-the-Go gift cards

6. In 2020, 700 physicians/residents/fellows complete the survey – the goal for 2022 is to double that number! (1,400)

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