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Chart Deficiency Notice

Dear Colleagues:

As I work closely with many areas of the Odyssey project, I find myself realizing how complex the conversion to Epic is. Recently, I realize that there is a problem that we, as physicians, need to solve. I think that we need to step up and get this done quickly as it is time sensitive. I am sending you this email to bring this matter to your attention now so that you have time to work on it.

The problem

In a nutshell, chart deficiencies at HHS is slowing down the conversion to Epic. Completion of chart deficiencies must happen soon, or they will have to be forwarded into the Epic system. And, chart deficiencies in Epic will be completely transparent and accountable and generate automatic notices.

Here are the details.

It’s on us, it’s transparent and there is accountability

As physicians, we all are required to complete documentation appropriately and timely. But no process works perfectly, so chart deficiencies creep in from time-to-time. We carry a personal professional responsibility for our documentation, and the hospital has a parallel responsibility to ensure appropriate documentation for its patients. Hence, the elaborate hospital system for documentation (including correcting chart deficiencies when something goes wrong), the use of appropriate documentation as a quality indicator at hospital accreditation, and the hospital policies that tie your credentialing at HHS to your professional responsibility for documentation (written into our bylaws). When Epic is implemented on June 4th, there will be an automatic process of bringing deficient charts to your attention, and then to the attention to your head-of-service and Chief. It’s built into Epic already and functions like this at all Epic sites.

Can we kick this can down the road?

As we roll out Epic, we will not have the time, personnel, or money to transfer all delinquent charts to Epic. It's possible to do, but it is an onerous, manual process, chart-by-chart and with recent holdups and stresses with the pandemic, the hospital doesn’t have time/personnel/resources to do it all.

Our options

One option is to turn a blind eye to chart deficiencies. That's not a good option for our patients and it's not defensible professionally, so let's discard that option now. The other option is for all doctors to get their chart deficiencies completed by April 15th and solve the issue. That sounds like the only way forward.

What to do?

If the hospital has no option but to transfer your chart deficiencies, the “clock” on those deficiencies will quickly catch up to those of us who need to address them and then a system of notices will ensue. Current chart deficiencies are available for you to correct in Sovera. The current processes are adequate for you to review and complete your documentation and you are already familiar with Sovera


Please do log into Citrix, then Sovera. Find out if you have deficiencies and correct them. Ensure that you are not accruing further deficiencies as we get closer to the Go-Live date of June 4th. Let’s all work towards a clean conversion, and a goal of complete documentation. Thank you.

Deepak Dath, MSA President

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