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Something Epic is coming...

Dear doctors at HHS,

Talking to you as the ACMIO for Project Odyssey, HHS’ journey to becoming an Epic hospital, the MSA President and as a surgeon who set up 8 surgical EMRs 10 years ago.

Here's the straight goods:

1. Epic is coming.

2. It is so much better than what we have and will improve with time.

3. It will be used for a large part of your practice.

4. There will be loads of amazing stuff you can do with Epic that you can't do now.

My roommate in residency used to play competitive squash. He laughed at my juvenile racquet. When we traded racquets, I found out that he beat me not just because he had a better racquet, but because he could swing it well and because he had strategy.

Epic is a really good racquet. But you need to swing it well, and you need strategy.

Thing is, this isn't just a friendly game of squash. It's your practice, and it's about your patients.

We can help. Over the next few months, the MSA and associate chief medical information officers (ACMIOs) will post blogs about how you can ROCK with Epic. Read the blogs when they come out. You'll be glad you did. And don't forget to talk with your colleagues about how they are getting ready.

The first MSA blog regarding Epic was published on Nov 5th. It’s about knowing what you do now in your practice.

When you go over in detail how you prepare before seeing a patient, or giving an anesthetic, or meeting a patient in the clinic, you will find that there are a lot of things you have put in place for these encounters to succeed.

That’s how you do good work.

To make sure that you can do the same with Epic, you need to check for all the things that you do, and what your assistants and others who work with you do. This is an invaluable investment of your time. Track the time you take and make a few notes and put them away to enter in the RCPSC MoCOMP website for your CPD. Remember, practice review counts as 3:1 for hours spent on the activity.

Watch out next week for an example!

-Deepak Dath

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