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MacOrtho Ukraine Fund Initiative

Dear MSA members,

Recently, the MSA donated some funds to the Ukraine Relief effort through the Canadian Red Cross. Other ways of helping exist and are necessary. Drs. Mark Pahuta, Brad Petrisor and Paul Moroz are colleagues at HHS who are leading an effort to help source and deliver the kinds of medical equipment that the Ukraine people need right now. They are asking for your help in this effort. Please read below and give if you can.

To the MSA members:

The war between Russia and Ukraine has precipitated one of the largest refugee crises since the Second World War. More than 6.5 million people have been displaced. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has more than 1793 civilian fatalities and 2439 civilians injured.

As attempts at establishing humanitarian corridors have failed, civilians increasingly count among those sustaining trauma in this conflict. The World Health Organization has verified at least 96 attacks on Ukrainian health facilities; these attacks further stress the Ukrainian healthcare system.

Compared to the orthopaedic trauma seen in recent humanitarian crises, wartime trauma is characterized by high-grade open fractures, and other penetrating injuries from ballistics and explosive munitions.

Ukrainian orthopaedic colleagues are asking for help. Specifically, they have asked for fracture fixation and advanced wound care devices.

I've helped organize an initiative to obtain orthopaedic trauma surgical supplies for Ukraine ("Together with Ukraine Fund"). BCU Foundation is administering the funds with guidance from myself, Dr. Brad Petrisor and Dr. Paul Moroz.

We are in direct contact with surgeons in Ukraine who update us on their needs. Implants are sourced from quality low-cost suppliers and brought into Ukraine via active and verified logistics pathways.

The attached document outlines how to make donations. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Download PDF • 360KB

Thank you for your support for Ukrainian medical aid.


Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

McMaster University

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