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23 high impact workflows to learn about for Epic go-live

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Note: All of the links in this article must be accessed in Citrix.

When Epic launches at HHS on June 4, it will introduce new and improved ways of doing things, including changes to how staff and physicians work together to provide care to patients.

In particular, there are 23 high impact workflows (HIWF) that will see a major shift in practice at go-live. These workflows require additional attention beyond training to ensure risks associated with the changes do not delay delivery of care or impact patient safety.

The 23 HIWFs address multiple areas of practice and have an organization-wide impact, ranging from the information provided to patients in their after visit summary, to managing referrals, to barcode medication administration, and more.

How to prepare for workflow changes at go-live

New HIWFs are presented to leaders on a bi-weekly basis at the Clinical Operational Readiness (CORe) Council. Subsequently, resources to support staff and physician awareness and learning are published on the Hub.

Leaders are encouraged to use existing CQI tools, like huddles and status sheets, to help their teams prepare for workflow changes, and staff and physicians are encouraged to review the HIWF resources on the Hub and bring questions to their leaders for clarification.

Epic go-live is less than 90 days away. Take time now to familiarize yourself with the HIWF resources available on the Hub and ask questions like:

  • Who is impacted by the change in workflows and how?

  • Are all stakeholders accounted for?

  • What are some of the complexities in the identified HIWFs/process that would require additional attention or operational support?

  • What do these changes mean for my operational area?

  • What are the risks of the changes in workflows and how can they be mitigated?

Everyone at HHS has a shared responsibility to prepare for workflow changes before Epic go-live. For more information about HHS’ Epic implantation, visit the Hub or email

Original article was Published March 14, 2022 on HHS News

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