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Remembering Dr. Peter Dent

Dear MSA members:

Dr. Peter Dent was a pediatrician at HHS. He belonged to our MSA. You will have read tributes to his work over the last few days. But many of you will not have known him. He served, he taught, he led, and he was instrumental in the development of a children's hospital in Hamilton.

Last year, I had the opportunity to interview several HHS Physicians who had served for 45 years. I learned how much they had accomplished in their careers and the impact they had in the institution, for their patients, with their colleagues and within the community. It was an inspiring exercise and one I wish I had the opportunity and to carry out with Dr. Dent.

We all became doctors to serve. We will all invest ourselves in this work. Learning about those who served before us can inspire us and encourage us to invest ourselves well. Dr. Dent didn't just help to make McMaster Children's Hospital a reality. He built a path for others to tread and provided opportunities for others to do great things. Like all good leaders, he adhered to a standard that we can all be proud to call our own.

To celebrate his legacy, the MSA has made a donation ($1000) on your behalf to the Peter Dent Memorial Fund. If you have not had a chance to read about Dr. Dent's work, I point you to Bruce Squires and Dr. Angelo Mikrogianakis' letter. And, instead of waiting for the opportunity, I urge you to seek out a long-service colleague, sit and take some time, and listen to their story.

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